Sky2.0 Dubai Club
March 9, 2020

Sky2.0 Dubai Club

Sky2.0 Dubai Club: The Rising of Sky2.0 Dubai Club The nightlife scene in Dubai has never been more exciting until the notable and prominent bar of Beirut made its way to […]

Sky2.0 Dubai Events - Sky2.0
March 4, 2020

Sky2.0 Dubai Events

Late-Night Fun and Entertainment at Sky2.0 Dubai Events The city of gold is known for its vibrant and luxurious nightlife offering spectacular late-night entertainment to those who seek a good […]

Ladies Night Dubai - Sky2.0 Dubai
March 3, 2020

Ladies Night Dubai

Premium Ladies Night Dubai has to Offer There is nothing better than having good food whilst enjoying the night with the girl squad. A lot of bars and clubs have […]

Nightlife in Dubai
February 28, 2020

Nightlife in Dubai

Sky 2.0: The Game-Changer of the Nightlife in Dubai Don’t just settle for less, you deserve something more in the booming prestige nightlife of Dubai! Sky 2.0 is the long […]

SKY2.0 10
February 25, 2020

Sky2.0 Dubai Club

Sky2.0 Dubai Club: Your Ultimate Clubbing Experience of All Time Experience Beirut’s sleepless nights here in the heart of Dubai! The golden city brings you the most enthralling outdoor club only […]

sky2 1
November 14, 2019

Season 2019-2020 Opening

Lebanon’s iconic Skybar is set to open its doors in Dubai Design District on Wednesday, October 9. The famous outdoor Beirut nightclub will be called Sky 2.0 in Dubai, and […]